Saturday, November 30, 2002


Peevish's thirteenth performance, August 22nd, 2002.
the Bus Mall, Portland, Oregon.

Peevish vs Peevish - Benefit for Kelvin Pittman

Peevish North
On 22 August Peevish vs Peevish ensued, coincidentally timed with the Bush visit to Portland, hence there were many non-Peevish participants about; JP and Wilson were the sole represents for Peevish North through a series of accidents metagames included handing out playing cards from various decks, dice, and arguing; Peevish North wrote this history so must have won

Peevish South
Many many peoplePeevish South had an indeterminate membership, and drew many people we never knew into the Peevish activities. It is hard to tell what they were doing but they all played kazoos at some point.

We were accused of serenading Bush as well as joining the protesters
Nothing for Kelvin was collected

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